Au 100% Arbequina

Au 100% Arbequina

Au100% ARBEQUINA is only manufactured from Arbequina olives, a variety that has a small size but that is also highly regarded, originating from Arbeca (Lleida) and found all over Cataluna. It ripens very early and has a very high oil production, which provides a thick and fluid oil.

It is a very aromatic and fruity oil, very smooth with a yellowish colour (or slightly green at the beginning of the season), with a taste of unripe almonds that is very pleasant and aromas of wild ripened fruits and also those from the kitchen garden (apples, tomatoes), or sometimes exotic ones. It is not at all bitter or spicy, but harmonious, mild, light and delicate.

As it is a very fresh and young oil, Arbequina olive oil is somewhat more delicate than other varieties with regards to oxidation. Due to this, once packaged it is very important to store it away from the light and heat.

500 ml Bottle

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