What is extra virgin olive oil?


Olive oil is considered the finest and healthiest of all vegetable oils, because it is the only one that is obtained from a fruit, the olive, and not from seeds such as sunflower, soya, etc.


Au is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, of the highest quality. This name is only given to it after overcoming strict controls and fulfilling the following requirements among many others:


  • To be from pure olive juice, obtained directly from its pressing using mechanical processes, with no additives or chemical products.
  • Its taste and smell must be impeccable and free from defects.
  • Its acidity level must not exceed 0.8
  • Its organoleptic score (tasting note by an official specialist jury) must be equal to or greater than 6.5.

How is it obtained?


The olives are harvested around December, with a net being placed around the tree and the ripe fruit is then brought down. The manual method is combined with the mechanical one, to avoid damage both to the olives as well as the olive tree. They are then quickly transferred to the oil mill, where they are cleaned and washed to get rid of any dust, leaves and impurities.


To obtain the best quality, the olives must be processed immediately, in 24 hours following their harvesting. The whole olives are ground to extract their juice, extra olive oil comes from this first pressing. This will be the only one used in all the varieties and formats sold by Au.


The oil is stored at a temperature of between 15 C and 18 C in stainless steel tanks, for a perfect preservation. Lastly, before being packaged, it is submitted to physico-chemical analysis demanded by Spanish and European regulations, to confirm its quality and obtain the classification of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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