Au 100% Picual

Au 100% Picual

Au 100% Picual is an extra virgin olive oil that has been exclusively obtained from olives that are of the Picual variety, the most important in the world. They originate from Jaen, and their name comes from the shape of the fruit, which finishes in a peak.

This virgin olive oil from Castellar (Jaen) is a mono-varietal of the Picual variety. It has an intense green colour with a large body, and no acidity. It has a greenish fruit, fresh aroma with touches of apple and wood, with a mildly bitter and slightly spicy taste.

The Picual variety is the richest in oleic acid and its high content of natural anti-oxidants, vitamin E and polyphenols, make it the most stable, balanced and healthy variety, which is the most resistant to temperature variations, making it excellent to use in cooking. It is ideal for salads, gazpachos, salmorejos, scrambled eggs and griddled vegetables, fresh meat and fish, casseroles, pastas…

500 ml Bottle

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