Au 100% Hojiblanca

Au 100% Hojiblanca

Au 100% Hojiblanca is made with this variety which is typical of Andalusia (Cordoba, Malaga and Sevilla mainly), whose name comes from the silvery underside of the leaves of the olive trees. The Hojiblanca olives are large and thick and the oil from them is one of the most highly valued.

Hojiblanca oil is a golden colour with a mild flavour which is slightly sweet, with a fruity aroma that smells of fresh grass, a slight bitterness that reminds us of avocado and unripe fruit; it is somewhat spicy in the throat and has a final taste of almonds, one of its most distinctive characteristics.

Its composition is very balanced, with less saturated fatty acids, a large amount of vitamin E and a medium content of polyphenols, which gives it a smoothness and sweetness. It is also more sensitive to oxidation, which is why it should be stored away from the light and air.

500 ml Bottle

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